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Building NC - Spinalcore

Flexible licensing model

  • Synchronize object / Distribute processes
  • Fog / Cloud (Any linux version 32 & 64 bit)
  • Open API
fast prototyping smart building

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3D Web Modeler

Fixe license

  • Build & visualize the digital twin
  • Google Chrome
  • Open API
spinalcom consuilting smart building

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App / Web Framework

Fixe license

  • Real time collaborative app
  • IOS / Android / Windows
  • Open API
occupant centric mobile app for smart building power by spinalcom

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Building NC

Distributed - Micro-services - Secured - Real-time - Multi-tenants

Spinalcore (the Building Nerve Center) is an IoT micro-services platform developed for enabling Smart Buildings. It is a flexible, open, vendor-agnostic, real-time and evolutive software technology that enables a common infrastructure for all your connected devices, analytics, applications and systems. This IoT platform accelerates the development and deployment of innovative services through Smart applications.

Spinalcore is unique « all integrated in one » software, that is 3MB only. It can be deployed either at the edge on IoT gateways (Fog Computing layer) or in a datacenter/cloud. Spinalcore runs on any Linux type and also already been deployed on servers and IoT gateways from Cisco, Intel and HPE.

Read more about our technical differentiators here.

Download our Spinalcore free version here.

3D Web Modeler

Build - Integrate - Visualize - Review - Act - Run

The 3D Web Modeler is a real-time collaborative system running on Spinalcore (Building NC). This web-based application offers powerful tools to design dynamic 3D model in a unified environment and data format.

Build: develop your 3D building model online, share it with other teams and collaborate in real-time to modify and finalize the model. Attached assets and their properties to each space defined in your model.

Integrate: bi-directional data integration from BMS/BAS, CMMS, CAFM, sensors, actuators … to enable real-time data tracking and action on the real world (close a gate valve for instance).

Visualize: online 3D navigation from anywhere through your web browser. All the teams will always access the up-to-date version! People can navigate the geometry and visualize in real-time data coming from sensors, indoor location system, any apps like for maintenance.

Review: Review DOE, product documentation, such as datasheets, warranty, specifications, etc. Documents are attached to each asset and is part of its properties.

Act: visualize sensor’s data in real-time and act on the actuators directly from your web browser.

Run: The 3D web Modeler runs on our Building NC named Spinalcore. Spinalcore can be run on any Linux (32/64 bit) either at the edge (in the building itself) or in a datacenter (private cloud …).

App / Web Framework

JavaScript - Node.js - Cordova - Real-time - C++

Upgradeable mobile / Web application framework connected in real-time to the Building NC. It enables to provide several building services (to the occupants & working agents of a building) from the same user interface. The concept is to enable users to access to the smart services provided by their building: facility management (repair & maintenance, cleaning, …), security management (access control, workstation & meeting room reservation …), energy management (remote control …), safety management, comfort management and many more services through their PC, tablet or smartphone.

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