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  • Steps 1 to 3 correspond to our consulting offering.
  • Steps 2 to 5 correspond to our FastProto offering.
  • Steps 1 to 6 correspond to our FastLaunch offering.
  • SBL² correspond to our FastLaunch offering deployed within our living lab located in one of the Polytechnique school building at Palaiseau, Paris area, France.
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    Get results on time/under budget

    Available on quotation

    • Concept & Design
    • Specification
    • Architecture
    • Ready for budget estimation
    spinalcom consuilting smart building

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    2 Months Program

    € 30 k excl. VAT

    • Up to 2 data sources integration
    • Up to 2 analytics development
    • Up to 2 HMI development
    • Ready for demonstration
    fast prototyping smart building

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    6 Months Program

    less than € 150 k excl. VAT

    • Ideation & Specification
    • Build & Test
    • Deploy & Validate
    • Ready for launching
    fast product launch smart building

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    Your prototype lab

    Available on quotation

    • Developping
    • Demonstrating
    • Testing
    • Ready for selling
    smart building living lab

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    Living Lab

    Spinalcom provides all professional services required to develop your Smart Services and a protoype lab named SBL².

    The Smart Building Living Lab (SBL²) is a prototype “lab” where companies and individuals can design, deploy, test and demonstrate Smart Building services. This program should advance and enhance the mission of the Smart Building Alliance for Smart Cities. SpinalCom provides the software platform and services for development and integration with the digital services deployed and operated in the pilot building.

    The pilot building is located on the campus of the École Polytechnique (The X), Palaiseau, France. It houses the Directorate for Entrepreneurship and Innovation of the X and startups, laboratories, a fabrication and engineering lab, a conference room and common areas such as meeting rooms and a reception hall. This structure of over 2600 square meters was inaugurated April 19, 2016 by Patrick Drahi, X83. President and Founder of the group Altice and Jacques Biot, President of the École Polytechnique.

    The SBL² provides you with the professional services and the right environment to succeed:

    • Develop

      SBL² as a development lab will offer the environment, guidance and services to digital service innovators in the focused on Smart Buildings and Smart Cities. In order to support these efforts, SpinalCom will:

      • Provide services to help develop your innovative services in an open architecture, multi-service platform.
      • Help to integrate your product into open architecture platform.
      • Provide a test bed for validating and operating your service for the tenants of the pilot building.
    • Demonstrate

      SBL² will be a showcase of the next generation of smart buildings. The developers of new and smart services will have an ideal environment in which to present and demonstrate their service(s). Additionally, SBL² demonstrations can include other services and products showing the power of integration into a fully functional Smart Building.

    • Validate

      By working closely with SpinalCom and other participants and the tenants in the pilot building in the SBL², you will have a real business environment to develop and validate the value proposition of your new service(s). This will include:

      • Defining and testing your business model.
      • Gather and analyze data generated from operating your service(s) to fine tune your operating models and validate return on investment (ROI).
      • Detail your value proposition and develop your marketing message and your presentation and product demonstration.
    • Sell

      The SBL² pilot building will provide the opportunity to:

      • Announce and launch your innovative service by inviting press, investors, partners and prospects to see your solution in a real operating building
      • Organize private tours of the building for prospective customers and partners
      • Participate in events organized by SPINALCOM, Polytechnique and the participants in SBL²
      • Avoid developing and installing costly prototypes with your prospects and accelerating value proof thereby shortening the sales cycle.
      • Customize your solution to meet specific needs without having to develop a new prototype at your customer sites.

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