Use Case

Learn why Bouygues Construction use the Spinalcore platform and Spinalcom professional services

Bouygues Construction and SPINALCOM collaborated closely to define the concept of « Operational BIM for maintenance » for a residential building located on an educational campus. The solution combine real-time data from a mobile app, an indoor location system, a BMS and a CMMS. The all is integrated to the BIM through the Spinalcore platform. Now, the facility manager can take advantage of the analytics correlating data from all these information sources which enrich automatically the tickets sent to the CMMS.

Learn about the use case winner of the Paris Cisco Hackathon Y-2016

The Smart Building, key block in the smart city, incorporates various features: improved comfort (heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting), optimizing energy consumption, safety of occupants …

One of the key points relating to the issue of safety management is fire.

Learn how the SPINALCOM team and developers met at the hackathon have developed an in-building autonomous smart service to evacuate the occupants safely by providing information to each of them according to their indoor location and by providing firefighters with data about the real-time situation.

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What we enable

The All-in-one Portal for all your Digital Services

  • Add value to your building with new digital services
  • Just one app to simplify access to all your digital services
  • Optimize the cost of operating & adding digital services
smart building application spinalcom

The transition from devices to smart systems

  • Add value to your offering by selling system/services instead of devices
  • Access new markets with smart, upgradable and open solutions
  • Get ready for the digital building of the future

What we do

Our Application Enablement Platform enables you to develop and run innovative applications for the smart building industry. Here are some examples from the operator and occupant point of view:

Owners / Operators

Asset & Facility management

The occupants can provide in real-time information about lightning, toilet, door, bell, … issues to the maintenance team. The indoor location system helps to locate the room/corridor where the issue is. The maintenance agent can then use the building digital twin to find out about the reference of the asset to be repaired/changed in order to avoid sending someone with the wrong material/equipment and/or competences.

Energy management

Reduce utilities consumption without loss of comfort by analysing preferences for heat, light, cooling, video and other services.Inefficient energy management is a problem facing all commercial building managers. Combining captured environmental data (temperature and air quality) with movement data from motion sensors and other sources allow companies to understand the optimal ventilation and temperature levels for a specific day.

Spatial management

A recent study by H.Miller found that private offices are unoccupied 77% of the time & workstations by 60%, and conference room seating rarely reaches full capacity. Tracking the flow of people enables to analyze occupant behavior and space usage patterns, while acknowledging privacy limitations. This information help identify excess capacity and develop action plans for peak hours, ultimately resulting in more efficient portfolio management.


Safety / Security management

Automate door and window locking to a specific area and provide critical information (through SMS, mobile app, corridor screens...) to the people located in the affected area. Provide escape path guidance via sensors and actuators.

Comfort / Productivity

More-productive employees will be happier at work, and research shows that their employers will enjoy half the amount of employee turnover compared with companies whose employees are dissatisfed.


Monitor air contamination, carbon dioxide and oxygen levels within an office building and improve employee health by automatically pumping in more fresh oxygen, depending on how many people are in it.


Consumed by US commercial buildings is wasted energy

Space Utilization

Private office are unoccupied 77% of the time


are unoccupied 60% of the time


accounts for 40% of business energy usage

Who is it for

Spinalcom enables solution providers, manufacturers, owners and operators to deliver solutions for any building size & type and to market faster.

Our BIM native Enablement platform reduces development time and effort by offering a pre-integrated building IoT platform to deploy a wide range of applications.

smart airport station

Transport Hubs



smart hotel


smart office


smart sport facilities

Sport Facilities

smart factory


Solutions for

As an owner

• I want to save operating costs while providing higher comfort, increasing productivity & security for my tenants

• I want an BIoT platform that runs my facility efficiently by automating tasks. I want a building taking into consideration its occupants. I want a building operating system that enables easy upgrades to transition to future digital services.

As an Integrator

• I want to deliver faster & easier and provide innovative solutions

• I want an BIoT platform to enable cool applications to help me sell jobs, which i can engineer quickly at a lower cost, so that i can do more jobs and provide better ongoing value for my customers

As a Product Provider

• I want to get to market faster, increase my product value & transition to system solutions

• I want innovative technology that enables me to add value and create differentiated products that can be selected by the system integrators.

As a Facility - Property manager / Contractor

• I want to create differentiated services / buildings to attract & retain customers

• I want to increase my revenue by developing a portfolio of digital services. I want to embed the BIoT platform in my construction to deliver a futur-proof building to my customers.

Issues we solve

BIM is not used in operation due to the difficulty of integration in the application used during that phase

BMS/BAS is traditionally expensive, complex, closed and requires specialized installation, programming, and maintenance

Integration of different siloed building services

With Spinalcore’s BIoT platform, all of the building’s cutting-edge technology – whether related to eco-efficiency, security systems, spatial/energy management or comfort – is connected to the same Fog computing (located inside the building) and/or cloud platform.

Our BIM native AEP enables to by-path problems like:

  • BIM integrationand interactive 3D UX
  • Latency & high quality of experience (QoE) for the users
  • Data privacy & control
  • System autonomy in case of Cloud or WAN issue
  • Resilience in delivering the services
  • Bandwidth cost – only relevant aggregated data are sent to the Cloud
  • The Fog computing layer complement the cloud platform to provide the night architecture to your overall building management system.

    The Spinalcom platform can be integrated with any cloud platform through the development of a specific connector.

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