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Enabling Dynamic Operational BIM Applications


Our History

SpinalCom is a company that has over 5 years experience in middleware development. Company started to develop a platform to inter-connect scientific computation applications before pivoting to the Internet of thing market with SpinalCore, resulting of a 4Y R&D development processus. SpinalCore is a production-ready, multi-purpose middleware platform which has been tested over several years at large companies like Airbus, Safran … and labs (ENS, …) and can guarantee you a robust and stable independant IoT platform.

Our Company

SPINALCOM is a software vendor specialized in the dynamic operational BIM. Our products is made of a BIM native :

  • Control center (hypervisor) enabling to monitor alarms, measurements, indoor position (people & equipment) in real-time and pilot equipment's from the 3D viewer.

  • Application Enablement Platform (Revit & IFC compatible).

Our products are notably used to enable the operational BIM for maintenance, energy, space, indoor tracking and more.

Our main verticals are datacenter, hospital, factory, office buildings ...

Our platform can be integrated with any BMS and IT systems. Our platform manages both heterogeneous data & process in real-time. This enabling to develop very innovative digital services by interconnecting the analytics (or AI), UX, the BIM and the different IT systems (BMS, CMMS, big data ...) all together.

Management team

They trust us

We work with organizations around the world that believe smart building user centric application are essential to their efficiency and business growth.

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